New Kindle Oasis – the ultimate Amazon e-reader

Kindle Oasis

New Kindle Oasis – the ultimate Amazon e-reader

It has a bigger screen, audiobook support and water resistance – at last. The new Kindle Oasis looks to be the ultimate of ebook readers.

Amazon’s Kindle turns 10 this year, like Apple’s iPhone. Marking the 10th anniversary, Amazon is releasing the best Kindle, they call it the “all-new” Kindle Oasis. The first fully waterproof Kindle.

Kindle Oasis
Kindle Oasis

Display Size: Larger 7-inch E Ink.very slim design and an

Design: Very slim and an aluminium back.

Charging Capability: 0 to 100 percent capacity in 2 hours.

It also marks the return of Audible audiobook support to the Kindle platform.


Model US UK Australia
8GB $250 £230 $AU389
32GB $280 £260 $AU430
32GB + data $350 £320 $AU529


We do not know how much it would go for, if it comes to Nigeria. With your debit/credit cards, you may not need to wait.

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